3 Audio Video Tasks Your Business Performs Every Day

low voltage contractingWhen you think of sound systems, you might picture ambient music in a restaurant or building-wide retail announcements. But whether or not you realize it, your business probably relies on its audio video system every single day. That’s why it’s so vital to work with an experienced low voltage contracting company for your AV needs. What exactly are these needs? Below, you’ll find just three tasks your business must perform each day — all with the help of your audio visual system.

Video Conferencing

As businesses expand and telecommuting becomes more prevalent, in-person meetings are becoming rarer with each passing year. That means you’ll likely do your fair share of conference calls. Of course, you can conference call with just audio components, but studies have shown that video conferencing is often more productive overall. It gives you the opportunity to really connect with others involved and get your point across. When you want to make an impact in your industry and create valuable connections, working with a low voltage contracting company on your AV system is a must.

Presentations and Meetings

Company and team meetings, training sessions, and presentations are bound to be part of your regular routine. Studies have found that 83% of human learning occurs visually, while 11% occurs through hearing. Audio video presentations make sure to address both, meaning that your employees will be more engaged during the meeting and more informed once it’s over. That means employees on all levels will all be on the same page and morale will likely increase due to improved communication efforts.

Paging Capabilities

If you work for a large corporation, have multiple buildings or floors, or operate an expansive warehouse, you probably rely on a pager system to ensure employee or client contact can be made. There’s a reason why hospitals rely on these systems: they make certain everyone is where they need to be, when they need to be there. Overhead pager systems can make your business more efficient overall and potentially improve client satisfaction. While these systems traditionally have audio components only, they can easily be combined with video systems for customer service needs or increased employee clarity for a number of situations.

No matter your industry, it’s likely that you’ll require an AV system nearly every day on the job. And by working with an AV company that specializes in low voltage contracting, you’ll have access to a customized system that fits in perfectly with the confines of your business.