How Your Conference Call Audio Quality Could Be Hurting Your Business

audio video companyAny business that expects to compete in the digital age has learned to embrace technological developments. From cloud storage to cyber security, having access to convenient, high-tech options is essential for survival. For organizations that regularly meet with clients, employees, and collaborators, video conferencing capabilities are a must.

While approximately 83% of human learning occurs through visual means, our hearing still makes up a substantial part — 11%, all told — of our daily experiences. When this oral component is compromised, our efforts are nowhere near as effective as we’d like. If the sound quality is lacking in an important meeting, your business might have to deal with the negative consequences. For example…

Bad Audio Quality Can Lead to Misunderstandings

When your audio video design isn’t up to par, this is probably the most common outcome. Background noise and low volume settings can result in misunderstood words and meanings. In some cases, this could completely distort what you’re trying to communicate. As you already know similar-sounding words can have totally opposite meanings; if one person mishears the other, this can cause confusion and frustration. It could even lead to widespread miscommunication throughout the company, if the exchange is a top priority. For the sake of clear conversation, always work with an experienced audio video company.

Audio Quality Issues Can Result in Wasted Time

You’ve probably been on a call or in a meeting wherein audio delays have made it difficult to communicate clearly and concisely. Not only can this cause people to talk over each other, but it can cause time to be wasted while you wait for someone to respond or to figure out who should talk next. No doubt, this is an aggravating way to run a conference call. It’s inefficient and could even make a client think twice about wanting to work with you. No one wants their time wasted, which is why you should alleviate poor experiences like this by working with audio video experts.

Poor Audio Video Design Can Contribute to Bad Decision-Making

If you make company decisions based on what you think you hear in a video conference with poor audio quality, you could be making a huge mistake. It’s also possible that a client could decide to work with a competitor if they’re fed up with your AV design issues. In the end, it’s about much more than just one poor quality interaction; by not working with an experienced audio video company, you’ll make your business more vulnerable to the unintended consequences of inaudible interactions with others.

You shouldn’t have to bear the burden of a bad AV system — especially when this problem can easily be rectified. To find out more about how our audio video company can help your business succeed, please contact us today.