Preparing for a Presentation? Keep These 3 Helpful Tips in Mind

audio video solutionsGiving major audio visual presentations can be quite overwhelming. No matter who is the presenter, whether it be a 20-year presentation veteran, or a 21-year-old guest speaker at a charity event, if the technology isn’t working properly, the entire presentation is ruined.

Proactively thinking about audio video solutions is essential to having a successful presentation. If you’re worried about a massive AV failure during your next big presentation, here are a few audio video solutions that should help you during your preparation process.

You’re Part of the Presentation
Although the audio visual aspects of your presentation must be top notch, it’s important that you match your visuals in terms of professionalism. If you show up to your presentation in anything like sweatpants, hooded sweatshirts, or workout gear, no one in the entire building will take you seriously. Your attire is easy to prepare, however, so you should spend more time focusing on your communication techniques.

Both your verbal and nonverbal skills will come into play during your performance, and they can truly make or break your presentation. By managing your anxiety beforehand, you’ll be able to speak clearly, and control your nonverbal signals (shaking, sweating, etc.) much better. And, should anything go wrong with the presentation, you can fall back on your superior verbal communication skills to smooth over technical glitches.

Be Aware of Time
No one wants to sit through a three-hour presentation. During your planning, you should prioritize every item that you hope to speak on. Your presentation will be much stronger if you have a few key points that you spent a lot of time focusing on and fine tuning than it would be if you had a bunch of random talking points with no clear structure. For average presentations, roughly 10 to 15 minutes using 10 to 15 slides is recommended.

Pro Tip: Make sure there are multiple clocks in the presentation room so that one is always in your line of sight.

Consult With the Pros
If you really want to take your presentation to the next level, however, you should consult with audio video experts. These experienced professionals know what it takes to succeed in the presentation world and can offer you high quality audio video solutions.